Opinion: New Aaron Carter fits in the mainstream

Mercedes Ott, Plainsmen Post Photo Editor

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Aaron Carter // LøVë

“LøVë” is the newest EP of songs from singer, songwriter Aaron Carter. “Fool’s Gold” was the first single released on April 1. The EP includes four other songs and is the first set of music released by Carter in 15 years. This Tampa native singer is best known for his single “I Want Candy”, as well as featured soundtrack songs for shows like “Jimmy Neutron”, “Kim Possible”, “Pokemon”, and as well as PBS show “Liberty Kids”.

Starting the EP is the song “Fool’s Gold”. This track has a definite beat to it, mix of the dance and pop genre. The song seems to be centered on Carter telling his ex that they have downgraded. The lyrics “cause I see you falling, you traded my heart for some fool’s gold” tells those feelings.

“Sooner or Later” seems to be about someone who is predictable in his or her actions after a fight or break up. Stating “sooner or later she‘ll be, coming right back, when you feeling like that”, insinuating that he already knows what the outcome of the relationship will be.

Ending the EP is the track “Same Way”, which to me, is the break-up song. Carter promptly saying “if you don’t wanna stay, you ain’t gotta stay, make you wanna run away, I don’t wanna chase no more”. Although that is said, it is then brought up that he “hoped you’d come home, so I thought I’d leave the light on”, a bit of revisiting to “Sooner or Later”. Maybe about the same person?

Songs I do not really love are “Dearly Departed” and “Let Me Let You”. Although “Dearly Departed” reminds me of The Weeknd and The Chain Smokers, it just didn’t do much for me musically. Felt as if I’ve heard it before, perhaps. However “Let Me Let You” is faster paced and a bit more catchy but it pretty much just repeats, “let me let you go” over and over.

Overall, the album is an okay addition to the music of 2017; so far it fits right in with what is mainstream at the moment. Check out this EP on Spotify or iTunes.

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Opinion: New Aaron Carter fits in the mainstream