Opinion: ’50 Shades’ shows genuine love story

Lilie Adkins, Plainsmen Post Social Media Editor

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The long awaited second part in E.L James’ erotica trilogy hit theaters on Feb. 10. As a reader of the books and a watcher of the first film of course I had to watch it.

The film continues the “love” story of Anastasia Steele played by Dakota Johnson and business mogul Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) who at the end of the first movie break up leaving the viewer disappointed, yet at the same time relieved that Ana no longer has to endure the embarrassment we all felt watching her. However, just like the rest of us, Anastasia can’t resist Grey’s charm and returns which sets up this sequel.

The acting in the film is definitely a perk. Being unknown actors in the first film allowed viewers to fall in love with the duo as the characters they were portraying other than comparing them to previous roles as we often do with well-known actors. Johnson and Dornan take a seemingly awkward topic and manage to find chemistry other than the obvious physical one that they have to share. Even though the basis of the film is obviously sexual and erotic, there still manages to be an underlying love in the plot that makes it a little more comfortable to sit through the more blush enticing scenes. Me being the hopeless romantic I am,  I was able to look past the dicey storyline and find a sliver of genuine love between two unique personas.

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Opinion: ’50 Shades’ shows genuine love story