Album Review: Starboy

Mercedes Ott, Plainsmen Post Photo Editor

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Canadian artist The Weeknd has been at the top for years now, and once again, he has taken over the charts with his new album Starboy. The two singles “Starboy” and “False Alarm” were almost released back to back, in September. The first performances of these songs was in the premiere of the 42nd season of Saturday Night Live. The whole album was then released on Nov. 25th.

The single “Starboy” is definitely my favorite from the album. I was instantly drawn to it by the beat  and catchy lyrics. Another great addition is that it features the electronic group Daft Punk. There is no surprise as to why this song has been on the top charts since it was released. Although “False Alarm” starts slow and quiet, similar to Starboy, this song immediately chances its pace. The song is upbeat and is a definite party tune. In this song, The Weeknd sings differently than usual, with a loud almost scratchy voice, which is a lovely and unique change. The end of the song has a smooth transition that almost immediately goes into the next song “Reminder.” When listening to “Secrets,” I immediately feel like I am listening to an 80’s song, which is a good thing. The sound is retro-like almost like a mixture of Depeche Mode and Tears for Fears at times.

“Nothing Without You” is a song of longing. Most of the songs on this album are more about hooking up and moving on. This song will be a hit because of its reliability. Unlike “Ordinary Life,” which I really couldn’t relate to, losing me half way through the song. My least favorite would have to be the highly anticipated “Stargirl Interlude” that featured Lana Del Rey. Unfortunately I am not a fan. It was much shorter than I expected and not anything of what I thought it would be.

Hoping for a soft R&B feel song? “True Colors” is your song, the song has a mix of 2000 R&B music but with the vocal sound of 2016. I like this song because he wants to know who this girl really is as he’s “heard stories” about said girl. I think that most people can relate to this song. Another song that has that R&B feel is “Attention”. Throughout the song, I felt like I was listening to a throwback jam, with the slow but yet powerful and dramatic lyrics.

After listening to this album I can for sure say I am a fan of The Weeknd. This album shows just how talent this artist really is.

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Album Review: Starboy