Album Review: Nathan Sykes

Mercedes Ott, Plainsmen Post Photo Editor

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Nathan Sykes // Unfinished Business

Two years after the split of British boy band The Wanted, former member Nathan Sykes has released a new album. Unfinished Business was originally set to come out on Nov. 4th, but was pushed back a week due to unknown reasons. The album itself has a Hip-Hop mixed R&B vibe to it from the start of the first song, “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.” At first listen, you might confuse the voice for American singer Usher. This is true in the song,”Kiss Me Quick”, the first single that was released in mid 2015. This single, along with “Over and Over Again,” featuring Ariana Grande, both clutched the number one spot on the US Dance Club Songs chart at separate times in 2015.

When listening to each song, the one that sticks the most would be “Burn Me Down” because it is a slower paced song that is simply about needing someone’s love within themselves, or comparing someone’s sense of love to the warmth or feeling of fire. The lyrics “…it’s in the heart of every mother when they send their sons to war…” caught my ear because it’s eluding that the song is not only about intimate relationships, it’s just about love. Following the theme of love, “I Can’t Be Mad” is an emotional song that can hit at home for many. The lyrics “I can’t be mad, I gave you my heart to break…” speaks volumes due to how in most relationships, the one who gives the most tends to be the one that gets broken.

Want a song to cruise around to? “Give it Up” is your song as it has a consistent beat that never gets too overpowering. Featuring G-Eazy is definitely a great addition to the song. Sliding into a more blues-like sound, “Tears in the Rain” is the type of song that you listen to while staring out a window as if you’re in a music video yourself. The sound of the deep bass drum gives it that emotional blues vibe. Sykes tends to keep his voice fairly high for majority of this song, which is different from what he did on the others on the album.

A few songs that didn’t live up to the others would be”There’s Only One of You” and “More than You’ll Ever Know.” Both are catchy lyrically, but the rest of the album is more hip hop than R&B sound at times, where as these are more folk-like songs that tend to stick out like a sore thumb. All in all, however, this album is a great listen and is a good refresher from the same ‘ol, same ‘ol 2016 songs. Be sure and check it out for yourself!

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Album Review: Nathan Sykes