Internet Changes Presidential Politics

Jared Brown, Plainsmen Post Staff

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More recently, third parties in America have been taken more seriously. Using the Internet to their advantage, third party candidates like Libertarian Gary Johnson have gained a decent following this election cycle. Johnson even has his name on the ballot in every state. This has made many people interested in what third party candidates have to say about issues facing America today.

“I do wish that Gary Johnson had gotten to debate,” Assistant Professor of Federal and Texas Government Lydia Howell said.“The more people you have access to, the better.”

However, the absence of third party candidates is not unprecedented. America has always had a two party political system. Independent candidates rarely have successful campaigns.

“I don’t think it’s unusual, you usually have a Democrat and a Republican,” said Associate Professor of History John Jordan. “I think it’s probably part of the political system.”











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Internet Changes Presidential Politics