Educational Multitasking

Erica Wheeler, Plainsmen Post Staff

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How are high school students graduating high school and college at the same time?

Borger High School students are earning an associate’s degree in general studies at the same time as their high school diploma through the program called Cohort. The program is free for students, they are able to take concurrent classes that count for high school credit as well as college credits. Junior Chris Valdivia said the financial benefits are part of what motivated him to join the program.

Doing a college workload while being a high school student can take a toll and create an enormous amount of stress. Junior Lauren Hogan’s tip for cohort students is do not put off school work

“College requires much more effort than high school,” Hogan said.

One helpful tip for students has been using social media group chats. When students are struggling with an assignment, they can message the group chat to ask others for help. Senior Katelyn Smith and Valdivia said that listening to music is a good way to relieve stress. When asked for any tips for future cohort participants, Smith encouraged people to ask questions, and mentions to take advantage of do-overs and extensions.

“Don’t be afraid to ask your professors questions because 99 percent of the time. you aren’t the only student that is confused. The difference will be substantial,” Smith said.

Valdivia’s advice to succeed in cohort is be organized.

“Keep up with homework, study, and make sure to take good, readable notes,” Valdivia said.

Despite the amount of work and effort needed put into these classes Valdivia, Hogan, and Smith all agree that the work is well worth it.

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Educational Multitasking