Athlete Spotlight — Brianna Stewart & Joe Kolo

Marshall Kelly, Plainsmen Post Staff

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Each week we will choose a new male and female Plainsmen to spotlight.


Brianna Stewart

Basketball Player Brianna Stewart

Q: What is it like to be an athlete for Frank Phillips College?

A: “I am proud and excited to play for FPC.”

Q: Is it hard to be an athlete while in school?

A: “No, having good time management with sports and school.”

Q: Do you have any moments that stick out in your mind?

A: No highlight moments yet

Q: What do you plan on doing after FPC?

A: “Go to a four year to finish master’s degree and hopefully continue basketball.”

Q: Any advice for high schoolers looking to get a sports scholarship?

A: “Always try your best and always take criticism from others.”


Joe Kolo

Baseball player Joe Kolo

Q: How did you first get into sports?

A: “My parents bought me a pair of golf clubs.”

Q: What is your daily exercise like?

A: “The gym, then field running and lifting weights.”

Q: What is your daily routine like?

A: “Pretty well balanced out between school and sports.”

Q: Was it hard to get a scholarship at FPC?

A: “The interviews were the hardest part. When I got my scholarship it became much easier.”

Q: What advice can you give those who want to play college sports?

A: “Learn to manage time. It can be stressful.”

Q: Any advice you want to give?

A: “Love the process.”

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Athlete Spotlight — Brianna Stewart & Joe Kolo