Album reviews — Young Guns & Usher

Mercedes Ott, Plainsmen Post Staff

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Young Guns – “Echoes

This album definitely has an anthem-like sound to it. You can feel the pride and such through not only the lyrics but the music itself. The album is full of rockin’ songs, anyone could easily jam to this on any given day. The album is versatile and mixes more than just one genre together, even though the album is classified as just rock. One of my favorites would be “Mercury in Retrograde” because it reminds me of not only Daughtry, with the vocals, but also Starset when it comes to the title and sound. Kind of space-y and overall just a chill/romantic song. “Paranoid” is also a favorite because it starts out with that epic soundtrack feel and then throws you back to early 2000’s rock. Lead singer Gustav Wood’s voice ranges beautifully throughout the song as well. This is an album I will most likely be purchasing, and so should you.

          Echoes is the fourth album by British rock band Young Guns. It is also the first album to be recorded without drummer Ben Jolliffe. Recording sessions started in February of 2016 and ended in May of 2016. The album was then released Sept. 16th.




“Careful What You Wish For”


“Mad World”


“Living in a Dream is so Easy”


“Mercury in Retrograde”



Usher – “Hard II Love

This album is playing hard with the R&B feel which makes it pretty easy to vibe to. First thought though is that he talks a lot during these songs. But then I realized that some songs are a continuation of the one before. Which is pretty different, not albums don’t feature something like that. My favorite track off this album would have to be “Crash” because it hit me right in the feels. It’s filled with emotion and even on the video you get to see Usher’s emotions unleashed, which brings the song to another level. Overall not one of my favorite albums but nevertheless a well put-together album.

          Hard II Love is the eighth studio album recorded by Usher. The album was released on Sept. 16th featuring a hand full of artists like Future and Young Thug, as well as few different producers.


“Need U” ft. Priyanka Chopra

“Missin U”

“No Limit” ft. Young Thug


“Let Me”



“Make U a Believer”

“Mind of a Man”


“Rivals” ft. Future

“Tell Me”

“Hard II Love”


“Champions” w/Ruben Blades

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Album reviews — Young Guns & Usher