The Plainsmen Post bids farewell to its grads

Decorated caps of Jamie and Alexis

Decorated caps of Jamie and Alexis

Decorated caps of Jamie and Alexis

Alexis Merrell, Assistant Editor

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As the school year comes to a close, some of our loyal Plainsmen Post staff have graduated and will be leaving the fair campus of Frank Phillips College to move onto bigger things. They are Harlee Hall, Sandy Lane, Emily Martinez (after Fall ’16), Matthew McWilliams, Alexis Merrell, and Jamie Sawvel. As a farewell, we asked them four questions:

1.)    What do you want to do with your life?

2.)    Who is your inspiration?

3.)    What is your next step after FPC?

4.)    How do you think FPC prepared you for the next step?



1.) I want to be a psychologist.

2.) My mom is my inspiration. She has helped build up my confidence and encouraged me.

3.) I will be attending A&M in Corpus Christi

4.) FPC has helped me get used to the classroom.


Emily and Ms. Layton

Emily and Ms. Layton


1.) My goal is to be in a position to have a positive impact on our world. That can be in any of the fields of biologist, ranger, or environmental and wildlife management. I want to be able to educate others about issues and get them motivated to help initiate change.

2.) My children are a huge inspiration for me because I want them to have an Earth left to enjoy when we are gone. The professors at FPC have inspired me to keep going and be proud of how far I’ve come.

3.) I will transfer to WT and finish my bachelors in biology, then a master’s degree. I will be volunteering at Alibates over the summer while working in TRiO.

4.) I have received a quality education at FPC and I feel very rounded in all subject areas. I feel like if I wanted to, I could go into any field and genuinely do a good job. The best thing I got from FPC has been encouragement. They always make me feel like I’m worth this gift I’ve been given and to ignore those who stand in my way.



1.) Eventually, I want to make a difference, in some way, in contributing to the reduction of homelessness and poverty control, by studying Economics and Business Law and analyzing and making the right choices by understanding each impact each choice will make.

2.) My Inspiration would be my older brother David McWilliams, who served in the army and recovered from an accident; his resolve is my inspiration.

3.) Continue my education on at WTAMU for my Masters in Economics with a Law Degree, then get my Ph.D in Economics at University of Texas in Austin.

4.) FPC equipped me with the responsibility, and objective thinking to continue on.

Alexis and her husband

Alexis and her husband


1.) I want to educate people with my words, whether that is as a teacher or a writer is yet to be determined. It may be both.

2.) My biggest desire is to be like my mom in strength, happiness, and diligence. Secondly, Mr. Manning and Ms. Moore have continually pushed me forward to be the best me possible.

3.) My next step is to be a winemaker while pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree at Texas State University in Mass Communications.

4.) FPC has reminded me how it feels to be a college student again and care about what I’m doing with my life, which is leading me in the direction of happiness and success.

Jamie and her granddaughter

Jamie and her granddaughter


1.) I want to receive my bachelor’s in sociology and pursue a career with Child Protective Services or work for the Texas Probation office.

2.) I have many people who were my inspiration. First there are my parents. They never gave up when times got hard, they just kept pushing on. Second, Ms. Moore, my psychology/sociology professor. She is the person that inspired me to get my Associate Degree in Sociology

3.) I will be attending WTAMU to pursue my bachelor’s degree.

4.) They showed me that with a little hard work you can be whoever you want to be in life. They showed me that no matter how old you are you can get a good education.

Editor’s Note: On behalf of the entire FPC community, I want to thank our graduating journalists for their contributions this year. We appreciate your commitment and talents. – Mr. Manning


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The Plainsmen Post bids farewell to its grads