Anxiety: the hidden disorder that afflicts so many of us

Anxiety Awareness

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Anxiety Awareness

Alexis Merrell and Harlee Hall

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Imagine sitting in a classroom that’s supposed to be an organized discussion, but everyone is talking over each other and you’re trying to listen to everyone speaking and it builds into a mass of white noise that feels like it’s crushing your mind. This is a common occurrence amongst students with anxiety disorders. Most students look at the loud noises as just a part of daily life; others see it as a nightmare come to reality.

We, as students, walk by each other and may not realize anything is wrong by first appearance. It is only after a student has a panic attack or a breakdown of some sort that others realize the issue. Realization does not equal understanding, though. Due to the lack of understanding, fellow students may unknowingly become the trigger of an attack.

A student approached us and explained her situation with having panic attacks during classes in which the noise level got out of control. For her, the noise of her classmates was the stimulus. For some other students riddled with anxiety, a trigger may be pressure to succeed, being in social situations, or even being touched. It is important for students to recognize these stimulants and use common courtesy and respect for all students.

Anxiety is not the only unrecognizable issue from which students suffer on campus. Other disorders that may have similar triggers include Autism Spectrum Disorders and forms of depression. It should not be the responsibility of the afflicted student to inform others of these highly personal issues or the causes behind them. As a form of respect, classmates should recognize that one of these students may be sitting next to them and to act accordingly.

If you are a student suffering from anxiety and/or panic attacks, you are not alone. There are others here on campus and many resources throughout the community to which you can reach out.

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  1. eli on April 1st, 2016 8:46 am

    thanks for sharing what so many of us are too ashamed to admit

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Anxiety: the hidden disorder that afflicts so many of us