Ready yourselves for transfer time

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Ready yourselves for transfer time

Emily P. Martinez, Senior Writer

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This Friday TRiO is taking prospective students on an adventure to explore West Texas A&M University. The goal is to provide students with a chance to:

  1. See what the campus looks like, and how their schedules will be laid out.
  2. Learn what WT has to offer students.
  3. Meet faculty and staff in their own interest or major areas.
  4. Find out what steps to take if they plan to attend WT.
  5. Meet with a transfer adviser one on one.
  6. Get a feel for what it would be like to be a student at WT, and decide if they can see themselves as a part of the University.

I was accepted as a student through the Destination WT program, and made an appointment with my transfer adviser Brandy Carr (general transfer student adviser) to meet on this trip. These are the things we will discuss:  A degree plan, classes I should take, my permanent adviser, parking, and any general procedures that may be different from FPC.

If you are interested in attending WT, there are things you can do to get a head-start. Contact Gwynne Walker at 806-651-2019, to ask what steps you should take now.  Get on the website to explore opportunities like scholarships, campus jobs, and student organizations.

TRiO will be visiting several other universities this semester, so if you are a TRiO student get signed up early and be prepared to ask questions. If you are not a TRiO student don’t worry!  You can still contact any university you are interested in to set up a personal campus tour, and gather all the information you will need to become a student.

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Ready yourselves for transfer time