Op ed: The makeup debate intensifies

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Op ed: The makeup debate intensifies

Mercedes Ott, Staff Writer

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When asked why someone wears so much makeup, the answer that is mostly disclosed is “because I want to”.

Well okay, but why?

Being someone who wears makeup myself, I can vouch that there really isn’t a significant reason for anyone to wear makeup. In all honesty the reasons lie differently within different people. Some may have cystic acne, some may just feel better with makeup on. Some just might be a closet beauty guru that post makeup tutorials on the daily. Who knows?


But one thing that must be known, right now, is no person should ever be anybody’s reason to put on makeup. And don’t flatter yourself if you think you just might be. I, personally, have never woke up and slapped on my war paint because of someone I might see that day. Firstly it’s too expensive and secondly it’s too much work to do day in and day out over just one person. Now I am sure I was once insecure about leaving the house without any makeup on at one time, but thankfully I have grown from that.


The whole “this is why you take them swimming on the first date har har har” is literally one of the cruelest things I have seen on the internet. To whomever believes in this, I hope you understand that you’re pretty much saying you want to uncover their insecurities and make them look like a drowning raccoon in the process. If that’s your way of letting someone know they are beautiful, by forcing them to look worse than what they did when they came in, you’re playing this game terribly wrong. Now a few weeks maybe a month down the line when you catch them with no makeup, because THEY CHOSE TO NOT WEAR MAKEUP, is when you let them know they are beautiful.


Can we please stop slut-shaming and gay-shaming those who do wear makeup? I mean really, it’s 2016 and enough is enough. So what if that girl wears a lot of makeup? She looks incredible and feels incredible, that’s all that matters. So what if HE wears any makeup at all? He looks amazing and can do flawless winged liners, what’s it to you? When people “gay-shame” guys who wear makeup, it makes me wonder if they ever heard of David Bowie. Seriously Bowie wore makeup, glammed up as can be, and was very much heterosexual. But really just because he puts makeup on his face he’s automatically gay? Oh I guess whenever I put my ball-cap on backwards that makes me gay, right? No.


This is not an article saying you shouldn’t wear makeup or that you should. This is merely an article saying that as beautiful people of this beautiful earth, you are allowed to do just whatever you want to with your face. Not just with makeup, but tattoos, piercings, plastic surgery etc. Whatever you want to do is your choice, because one of the most important things in life is that you feel beautiful and confident within yourself.

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One Response to “Op ed: The makeup debate intensifies”

  1. Kellie MInton on February 23rd, 2016 9:40 pm

    I loved this article, and kudos to you Mercedes for “putting it all out there.”

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Op ed: The makeup debate intensifies