Op Ed: A Lesson in Respect

Emily P. Martinez, Photographer

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There have been a few instances of disrespect in class and in the halls at FPC, which are simply unbelievable.  This is meant to address these problems and hopefully make students think about their actions in the future.

As humans we all go through the same basic things like, learning right from wrong, respect, and how to survive in a social setting like school.  Sometimes it seems like people either forgot these lessons, or just do not care.  Our Professors have been in our shoes.  They went through the same grind that we take on every day: attending classes, doing homework, cramming for tests, and feeling overwhelmed.

College is not a joke; it is a privilege.  As a student at Frank you choose to enroll and take on the responsibility of your future.  In the community, you represent the school, and everyone else that is tied to the College.  Your actions not only look bad on you, but all of us.  Showing up to class late, unprepared, or with an attitude that you do not want to be there is disrespectful to the professors who are trying to teach.

It is also disrespectful to your fellow students who bear the punishment as a whole because of the few acting out.  If you received scholarships or financial aid you are disrespecting their faith in you as a student. We all need to think about how our behavior is affecting not just us, but everyone around us.  When you walk down the hall during class with loud music, yell at a friend, or show up late, you are disrupting classes.

Playing on your phone, not reading materials, and sleeping in class tells your professor you do not care about what they have to teach you.  There are days where the professors cannot even walk down the hallway due to students blocking up in groups.  All these actions boil down to respect.  I enrolled at Frank Phillips College to learn.  I care about what our professors have to say.  You should care about the institution that is allowing you to achieve a higher status in life, including the people who are trying to help you.  I know there are a lot of other people in the world who would give anything to be in your shoes, and have the opportunity to better their own life.  What is the lesson from all this?  Respect your community.  Respect your school.  Respect your professors.  Respect your classmates.  Above all, Respect your opportunity.  It may not be there tomorrow.

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2 Responses to “Op Ed: A Lesson in Respect”

  1. Dr. Laney on October 7th, 2015 4:15 pm

    Well said!

  2. Lydia Rinehart on October 7th, 2015 4:23 pm

    Absolutely brilliant! I couldn’t agree more.

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Op Ed: A Lesson in Respect