Disrespect on college campuses a growing problem

Natasha Bailey

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Disrespect: We see it everywhere.  We go in stores, restaurants, places of leisure and in our own homes. These places are commonly where most would expect to see disrespectful behavior and mainly from children and teenagers.  Today, it has crept into places that are considered “respectable,” such as businesses, doctor’s offices and even college campuses. College is an institution designed for learning and furthering education in a mature adult setting. So, why do we see an increase in juvenile behavior like extreme tardiness, cell phones going off in class, ignoring the professor and underpreparedness?

Some may argue that because of the adult setting, that students get comfortable in doing whatever they feel like doing. Others may argue the fact of younger students still trying to adjust to their new environment. Some may argue the point of it just being out right disrespect without regard for themselves or others.

We here at Frank Phillips are not immune to this rapidly spreading epidemic as disrespect places itself within our campus walls. Teachers as well as students have all been victims of this type of behavior. Some have even committed this offense without even realizing they have or are doing it. We want our campus to be known for good passing rates, graduation turn-outs and community service; so why would we not want to be recognized as a RESPECTABLE community college?  Here are some tips to ensure FPC’s entitlement as a respectable and respectful campus:

  1. Show up to class on time.- We all know things happen, but not everyday. It is disrespectful to barge into class late. This causes a distraction to the whole class and the instructor. Set your alarm 5-10 minutes fast if this is a recurring issue for you.
  2. Come to class prepared.- Student led class discussions are very popular here at FPC. Class outlines are given in most classes to help students stay on track. If it is your day to lead discussion, make sure you have read the material and understand it. It is disrespectful to not have it together and it also leaves the professor and/or other classmates to pull the weight.
  3. Pay attention and take notes.- There is nothing worse than not knowing what is going on and feeling lost. This also displays disrespect towards the speaker or presenter. Not paying attention displays a nonverbal communication of “I do not care what you are talking about and I would rather be somewhere else.” Not to mention the embarrassment of being unable to answer questions that may be asked about the lesson.

These are just the main issues that students and faculty here at Frank Phillips College have experienced repeatedly. If these three easy tips are utilized on our campus on a daily basis, then we get a little closer to eradicating this contagious disease of disrespect.

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Disrespect on college campuses a growing problem