Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

PUBG 2 appears to have been affirmed and is occurring! This incorporates an update for the versatile rendition – PUBG Mobile 2.0! 

PUBG was previously the most mainstream Battle Royale on earth; however, various competitors have joined the class since its delivery. 

So it bodes well for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to get a recovery. 

The PUBG Corporation will carry players a new involvement in their authenticity based Battle Royale title. 

This is what we think about PUBG 2.

Latest News


PUBG Mobile 2 Coming This Year? – nineteenth January 

As revealed by VGC, as per Bloomberg, the South Korean designer has plans to deliver another fight royale portable title this year “because of PUBG.” 

By 2022, another “PUBG-related” PC and reassure game will deliver, yet it’s indistinct if it’s a similar title. 

As per sources, the undertaking had been being developed since mid-2019 for versatile, reassure, and PC and was “almost certain” to be PUBG 2. 

PUBG 2 Confirmed? – sixth January 

@PlayerIGN has tweeted that PUBG has affirmed they are creating PUBG Mobile 2.

Release Date


As of now, there is no delivery date planned for this game. 

It would be too soon to expect it to show up this year, so we are envisioning it to deliver in 2022. 

A declaration could come in as ahead of schedule as 24th January as per @subzidite2 – if the game is intensely versatile centered. 

A potential declaration could be the last seven day stretch of PGI.s (28th March).


As per @PlayerIGN, it is a PC and Console Cross-Platform title. 

This means it will arrive on Xbox Series X, PlayStation and PC. We additionally accept it will be set onto last-gen supports, including the Xbox One and PS4. 

There are no subtleties on whether it is coming to Nintendo Switch. 

The Mobile rendition will be selective to portable clients and stages, which means iOS and Android clients will play a different game together.


There’s no estimating for the title yet. 

The first game is recorded for £26.99 on Steam. 

It generally costs £15-25 on the Xbox and PlayStation store. 

The game is free on cell phones.


It’s believed the game will run on Unreal Engine 4 – this is due to an XTRM job listing asking for people with UE4 experience (according to @subzidite2).


@PlayerIGN has confirmed that the title will support cross-platform play.

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