Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

They will then be removed from the streaming serviceand they will continue in theaters until they complete the normal period of exhibition. Later, they will be able to see each other again from home. It is not clear how that measure will change the agreements between the major (large studio) and the cinema exhibitors, which see their business model seriously affected in this new normal.

“We know that new content is the lifeblood of theatrical display, but we have to balance this with the reality that most theaters will likely be underperforming in 2021,” said Warner Bros. CEO Ann Sarnoff. , it’s a statement.

The company executives clarify that this plan is only for one year and due to the pandemic, in an attempt to clear up doubts about whether they will change their business model definitively from now on.

“Our content is extremely valuable, except when it’s hidden,” added Jason Kilar, CEO of WarnerMedia. “We believe this approach serves our fans, supports exhibitors and filmmakers, and enhances the HBO Max experience.”

In a year with movie theaters closed, studios are trying to figure out how to ride out fall without adult blockbusters. Warner Bros already delayed Wonder Woman 1984, which will be released in theaters and HBO Max on December 25.

With the blockbuster Dune , a version of Frank Herbert’s science fiction classic that David Lynch already adapted to the cinema in 1984, they preferred not to play it and after several delays in its premiere, it went from being released on December 18 to October 1, 2021.

Andy Forssell, head of HBO Max Global, announced this Thursday during a talk at the Web Summit, held in Lisbon, that the HBO streaming services available in Europe will begin to upgrade to HBO Max in the second half of 2021, which would include Spain.

Warner Bros is not the only company that has changed its business model in the dark landscape of the film industry. Although curiously in Spain it was the only major that was premiering regularly in theaters.

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