10 ways to refresh your home in 2022 without a costly renovation


Weekends are the perfect time to refresh your home; and you don’t need to renew to get a new look. Updating your walls, adding some new fabrics or simply rearranging what you already own can have a transformative effect.

If you missed the chance to update your home with a spring revamp, fear not – there’s still plenty of time to give it a little refresh and we’ve got all the tips and tricks to do so in an affordable way.

Interior designer Flora Soames and stylist and designer Gabby Deeming spoke to the Telegraph and shared their advice for choosing colors and patterns and arranging your furniture and accessories to their best advantage.

Watch the full talk here and read on for their expert tips.

Top tips to refresh your home in 2022

1. When you’re choosing a paint colour, think first about how you want to feel in the room

“I painted my bedroom walls Old White by Farrow & Ball,” says Gabby Deeming. “It’s a bit like being in a book, it feels very calm. But if you want your room to be more invigorating, maybe it’s a case of picking up on something bright in the room – a yellow lamp base or picture frame, or a color in a picture, and by painting the walls that color it will bring the room to life.”

If you’re choosing a paint color to tie in with a patterned fabric, Soames advises not getting too hung up on finding the perfect match: “Sometimes choosing a paint color that’s one shade removed from a color in a fabric can hold the whole look together,” she says.

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2. Remember that the finish of the paint can be just as important as the color

“Sometimes it’s a case of not only playing with color, but playing with the effect too,” says Soames. “For me, gloss paint is a great way to make an impact in a room. High gloss sheen is complicated to apply and it needs a very smooth background that’s as blemish-free as possible, but it creates a jewel-box effect, and it reflects the light wonderfully.”

“The other brilliant place to use a gloss paint is in a kitchen,” adds Deeming. “If you have a kitchen you want to revamp, gloss paint works really well as a splashback in place of tiles, as it’s very practical – you can just wipe it down.”

3. Forget the rules when it comes to painting woodwork and ceilings

Focus on the effect you want to achieve, says Deeming. “You can paint the ceilings, the woodwork, walls and floors all the same colour, or paint your woodwork a contrasting colour; it all looks good,” she says. “I love the ‘complete’ look, where the walls, ceiling and woodwork are the same colour, as it feels cocooning and lovely; whereas if you paint the woodwork a different colour, you’re highlighting the architecture, so it starts to look more tailored.” If you do choose to paint your woodwork and ceiling white, take care to choose the right one: “I painted my dining room in Pink Ground by Farrow & Ball, and the woodwork in Wimborne White, which is a soft white,” says Deeming . “A bright white would have looked awful with that soft pink; you have to choose your shade of white carefully.”

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4. When using wallpaper, steer clear of a feature wall

“It smacks of lack of commitment,” says Deeming. “Wallpaper is at its best in the round. If you just have one wall of wallpaper, you then have to pick a paint color for the other walls, and they can fight a little bit. You’ve invested in the paper, but it’s not working as hard as it should. If you look on Instagram or in magazines, you’ll see writ large how beautiful wallpaper can look when done properly, on all the walls.”


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