10 of the best pizza restaurants in Manchester

Manchester is awash with pizza, and all manner of shapes and sizes these days too, taking in the various styles from around the world.

Want Neapolitan? How about Detroit style? Chicago? Well, there’s a place to fit the bill, whichever your preferred foot.

As the UK celebrates National Pizza Day today (February 9), here’s some of the best in our city to try out.

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Ramona, on Swan Street, city center, is an exponent of the Detroit style of pizza, reputedly originating from the car factories of the Motor City, where it would be made in square oil pans.

As such, this is a deep pan affair, with the cheese crusting all up the side of the pan to devastating, Homer Simpson-gargling effect.

The Jabba, with fennel salami, and the Cali Pepps, with a huge ball of oozing burrata cheese dropped in the middle, are future classics.


Honest Crust

The daddy of them all, Honest Crust’s spot in Alti Market was a revelation when it opened, among the first to truly champion the sourdough Neapolitan style.

Solid ingredients, inventive specials – within reason, no hoi sin duck or chicken tikka here – and passion for the craft, plus the theater of the open oven, make this spot (and the Honest Crust outlets in Mackie Mayor and the Macclesfield Picturedrome) something very special.

Hat’s off.



When Rudy’s opened its first tiny spot on Cutting Room Square, the queues became the stuff of legend.

Throw in some authentic Italian aperitifs and, obviously, some of the best – not to mention reasonably priced – pizza in town, and they were clearly onto a winner.

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Rudy’s is up there with the best pizza in the city

Now they’re spreading across the land, from Liverpool to Leeds to London, and best of luck to them.



Who needs a new Neapolitan pizzeria in Manchester? Well, Ciaooo has a couple of aces up its sleeve to separate it from the pack.

While the pizza itself is solid – with a great level of all-important char on the crust – their line in fried ravioli and fried lasagna is pretty inspired, as is their pasta and the deep fried burrata, spiced with chilli honey.

Also in Swan Street and just a 30 second hop from Ramona, you can easily nip from one to the other to compare and contrast.


Four Sides

Leading the pack for vegan pizza in the city is Four Side, working out of Electrik in Chorlton and delivering all over town too.

Proper vegan business at Four Side

The base is deep, in the Detroit style, thick like sponge, but light and chewy, with blazing meat and cheese subs, including BBQ seitan and home-made ‘pepperoni’.

With its tomato sauce painted on in stripes, it’s among the best looking pizza in town too.

Fourside on Instagram

American Pies

Unfortunately, in the UK we largely only know about the Chicago style pizza from the freezer aisle. But the people behind Brewski are changing that.

Drown in cheese at American Pies

With a more ‘pie style’ base, these heart-stopping pizzas are heaped with a difficult to justify amount of cheese.

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Go to their base in West Mosley Street, city center, and dive in (honestly, you probably could).


corner slice

Failsworth’s Corner Slice also worships at the alter of the Motor City pizza.

Making a serious point of that crisp perimeter of cheese which crusts up the side of the tin, classics like the pepperoni laden Detroiter are countered by more off-beat offerings.

The Vamos Pablo has ‘chilli smash’ and ricotta cream, while the Korean Cauli comes topped with Korean cauliflower, salt and pepper onions and sweet mayo.

Corner Slice on Instagram

Where’s your favorite pizza place in the region? Let us know in the comments


Anyone who’s ever hankered after the giant, lorry wheel-sized pizzas every US pizza joint in the movies appears to sell has had their prayer’s well and truly answered by Nell’s, in Edge Street, city centre.

The giant feet at Nell’s

Its huge 22-inch numbers truly are a sight to behold, and eschew the looser Neapolitan style for the crisp New York pie.

Serving from Common in the NQ and The Beagle in Chortlon, they now – praise be – have their own dedicated spot in Kampus. World domination doubtless to follow.


I Knead Pizza

Proper Naples style pizza coming from two chums (Paul and Mike) in Reddish, I Knead Pizza is the real deal.

Also serving out of Hatch of Oxford Road, the passion for pizza is clear to see, and with menu additions like the panuozzo sandwich (think an open calzone), they’ve got a few strings to their bow too.

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L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele

The stately L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele, in King Street, city centre, has rather more pedigree than some of these new upstarts.

Pizza with pedigree at L’Antica

This spot can trace its origins back to 1870, and the first Pizzeria Da Michele in Naples, and after opening outposts in London, we now have one on King Street.

These lot have forgotten more about dough and mozzarella than some have yet to learn.



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