10 genius TikTok car cleaning hacks using products from home – like toothpaste

These top cleaning hacks from TikTok will get you feeling like you’re working at the car wash in no time and will save you some big stacks of cash in the process – read on for all you need to know

Feeling small in the face of getting a perfectly clean car? Look no further

TikTok has changed the way millions of people around the world consume information.

For some, it is a way of getting the news. For others, it’s a way of getting closer to favorite celebrities and for many – perhaps the biggest group – it’s a replacement for a one to one dance instructor.

For one group though, it’s a way to make life easier, to learn tips and tricks for the things that had struggled to find a space in life before the revolutionary app’s creation.

Cleaning hacks have become a big part of the platform. The hashtag #CleanTok has over 35.4 billion views at the time of writing, while #CleaningTikTok has 16.9 billion.

Within this cleaning craze, a specific subgroup has remained particularly prevalent: the car cleaning community.

Vehicle insurance experts Vanarama have dug deeper into this trend and identified the top 10 car cleaning hacks when you’re giving your motor a spritz this spring.

10 TikTok car cleaning tips

Learn how to make your car sparkle using these cheap and easy tricks



Use a paintbrush

A decorator’s paintbrush is a simple thing, but it can certainly get into gaps that your cloth can’t. Stick cleaner into the gaps you’ve got your eye on to clear up and then use your brush to wipe it all away.

This tip is great for the cracks and gaps around your center console and gear stick.

Use a squeegee for pet hairs

Dogs in your Dodge? Cats in your Caterham? Fear not, because that pesky leftover hair can be a thing of the past with the help of the humble rubber squeegee.

Use it to scrape it along with your upholstery and carpets and then hoover up the pile it collects. Easy.

Silicone mold to rescue drink spillages

Although more of a preventative measure than one for cleaning, fitting silicone molds around your motor’s drinks holders will catch any drips that find their way out of their container while you’re on the road.

As soon as they get a bit grim, give them a wash themselves and you’re good to go again.

Shaving foam stain removal

Shaving foam is a versatile cleaner and can be used on the upholstery to get rid of stains in the cab of your vehicle.

Scary though it sounds, spray a bit on the seats and rub it in using your hands or a brush. Then wash it off with a damp cloth.

Headlight cleaning with toothpaste

Bet you didn’t know it could do that


Getty Images/Eye Em)

Grab an old toothbrush or cloth and rub it gently on the plastic casing of your headlights. They should surface looking fresh and crystal clear.

Olive oil on the dashboard

Sounds a little greasy, but if your dash is looking a little lifeless, a couple of drops of the cooking classic will give a dull or tired surface a fresh feel. Be careful not to overdo it though.

Vinegar on the windows

Vinegar on the windshield is a well-known car cleaning hack as it keeps away any smearing after you’ve cleaned your car.

Wipe those windows down with water and then rinse that away with water.

Clean your leather with soap

Mix mild dish soap and some water, then use a soft cloth and buff the mixture into leather seats. This will cut through dirt on your leather getting it looking as good as new in no time at all.

Hunt dust with a massage gun

Take a massage gun to your floormat and seats – the vibration will send loose dust up into the air and help you to identify the places that the attention of your hoover.

Q-tips in the air vents

Q-tips, or cotton buds can be a lethal weapon in your armor when you’re looking to clean dust out of air vents and fiddly bits of your car interior.

Spray the area of ​​interest with some cleaner and then get stuck in with a clean bud. This tip will also work for cleaning the gunk out from around the badge of the logo on the steering wheel.

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