10 flowers that will grow in winter that you can plant right now – including tulips


Winter months are usually a slow time for gardening as first frosts and a lack of sunlight make it harder for us to get stuck into planting. So is it possible to plant a garden in winter?

Flowers with frost on it
There is a huge variety of low maintenance plants that are perfect for winter season

Gardening in the winter will never be quite as enjoyable as doing it in the warm summer sunshine. But that doesn’t mean that winter isn’t a crucial time for several types of plants to thrive.

Winters might be the best time to try planting certain types of florals and seeds ahead of spring. From delicate pastel flowers and bulbs to evergreen shrubs, there are many low maintenance plants you can add to your garden now that will flower through winter.

Here are 10 of the best picks of flowers that require little work over the winter months yet bloom beautiful to add some colour to your gardens.

Sweet Peas Seeds

Winters may not seem like a great time for gardening but for some hardy plants and seeds, this could be the best time


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You can sow sweet pea seeds right away to prepare for an early 2022 display of these fragrant and colourful flowers.

The best way to sow these seeds is with good quality compost, using several seeds in each pot. Make sure to keep the pots in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse to help them overwinter ready to bloom.

Nemesia Seeds

Typically November is a good time for early sowing of nemesia seeds for a coconut-scented country garden display.

Often, plants like nemesia can be difficult to sow as they take time to propagate. So, it’s better to buy them as young plants to give yourself a head start for the season.

Coleus Seeds

Another option similar to nemesia are coleus seeds which blooms into vibrant foliage during the spring. The versatile plant looks just as good in landscapes and gardens as much in window boxes and container gardens.

Though usually considered a spring bloom, coleus seeds can actually also be planted in the winter by putting into containers and placing indoors for the winter to secure these colourful spring blooms.

Hardy Cat Seeds

Hardy seeds are very easy to grow in a tray indoors. One of the best examples is cat grass, an annual plant which is a mixture of grasses typically grown from barley, oat, wheat, or rye seeds.

This chemical-free grass that’s not only easy to maintain but also keeps your cats healthy by ensuring clean eating. Though the grass needs plenty of sunlight to grow, it can still be grown near the windowsill to get as much sun as possible during winter.

Tulip Bulbs

Tulip bulbs are best planted in a bulb planted which speeds up the process. Once done, quickly neutralise bulbs into grassy areas of your garden when the winter season has passed.

When you’re planting them make sure the bulbs are planted 12 inches down to keep them out of harm’s way from rodents. Once the bulb foliage is about four inches tall, sprinkle more composted manure around all the bulbs you planted.

Daffodil bulbs

Though daffodils are not necessarily a winter plant, dwarfs daffodil bulbs can be placed in containers



Dwarf daffodil bulbs can be planted in containers and then moved to the soil past the winter months. When planting it make sure the bulb is at a depth of at least three times the size of the bulb with the pointed end up

The bulbs also need to be at least nine inches into the soil below the frost line for it bloom to full potential.

Hyacinth bulbs

For a strongly scented display come spring, get your terracotta pots out and fill them with hyacinth bulbs. These potted hyacinths are a very popular gift, that can bloom indoors even if your grounds are covered in snow.

Make sure you don’t dig up your hyacinth bulbs at the wrong time, as this could render your bulbs without enough energy to sprout. Cut the blossom stalks off once the bloom has passed so that you ensure the plant doesn’t waste energy on seed production.

Christmas roses

Winter is the perfect time of year for hellebores, also known as Christmas Roses, which are hardy and easy to care for. With the ability to withstand severe cold and snow, these white flowers can be placed on balconies and terraces as pot plants during winter.

Not only do these plants bloom throughout winter, weather conditions allowing they can even become honey plants for wild bees later on.

Magnolia tree

If you want to plant magnolia trees in winter, it’s best to do so in early winter. Though they are fully hardy, these trees flower very early in the year and loose their leaves in the winter.

The flowers of magnolias are particularly susceptible to late winter frosts, but they’ll bloom in vibrant shades come spring. However, its best to prune your magnolia between mid-summer and early autumn, as pruning in winter or spring can result in the cuts bleeding.


The best time to plant hedges in your garden is November. The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) recommends planting deciduous hedges from mid-autumn to late winter and evergreen or semi evergreens from late autumn until late winter to give your garden a landscaped appearance.

The RHS has advised planting hedges like box, privet (semi-evergreen) and yew either in early autumn, but it’s possible to plant them any time until late winter.

Do avoid planting hedging when the soil is waterlogged or frozen because you’ll need more workable soil for best results.

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