024 will be the number against suicide

024 will be the number of attention to those with suicidal ideas. The Government has published that Monday in the BOE the attribution of this free short number to the “helpline service for people at risk of suicidal behavior.” The objective of this line is to provide telephone assistance to all people with suicidal thoughts, ideations or risk of behavior.

It is a national, anonymous, free, confidential and accessible hotline that will offer care and support through specialized personnel with multidisciplinary profiles and experts in the management of these situations, about the different aspects that may contribute to prevent or impede behaviors that may lead to risks to life or physical integrity of these persons.

Likewise, these people will be provided with the information necessary for them to access specialized health services more suited to your personal situation. The setting up of a public number, similar to 016 for the care of victims of gender violence, was one of the main claims of experts and associations against suicide.

It is not known if it will be available 24 hours a day all year

The borrowing entity will be the General Directorate of Public Health. The Ministry of Health may also collaborate with specialized units in the autonomous communities, as well as with emergency resources that may need to be mobilized. Telephone calls to the assigned number will be free, will not generate invoicing at source for the user and will be treated by the operators of the telephone service available to the public, for price purposes, as automatic collect calls.

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The benefit will be open to all citizens without the need for prior registration. During the calls, advertising, entertainment, marketing, sale and use of the call for the future sale of commercial services will be prohibited.

Likewise, it will be permanent, and cannot be provided temporarily, for example, during certain campaigns. And if the service is not available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, the existence of easily accessible public information on the availability of telephone assistance will be guaranteed and thatDuring the periods of unavailability, calls are answered with information on the day and time when it will be available again.

Likewise, the provision will ensure that users with hearing or speech disabilities have the facilities that allow adequate care, taking into account their specific needs.

The borrowing entity will now have to designate the operator of the telephone service available to the public that will be in charge of terminating the calls directed to the number 024, as well as the start date and the geographical location of the call centers.


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